24/7 Emergency Water Extraction

If you experience water damage due to a sewer backup or fire damage after we can help. We’ll consult with you and devise a plan so that we can restore your home or business in the shortest amount of time possible.

Our emergency cleanup team will do whatever it takes to get your home back to its original condition prior to a fire, flood, or sewer backup, including removing old carpet and cutting out damaged drywall.

We also deploy thermal imaging and moisture detection devices to pinpoint water leaks from A/C units, broken pipes, roof damage ect. Air filtration, antimicrobial solutions, and containment are used to terminate mold and hard to kill fungi.


Our industry standard hot water extraction services can prolong the life of your carpet before it needs replacing. If you have carpet in your office or home, you already know the expenses involved in maintaining it and keeping it clean. Ensuring that carpets are in good shape adds value to your property and will provide your home with a great first impression.

Professional carpet steam cleaning / hot water extraction and maintenance will also help to keep your home or office odor-free by using the best
techniques to properly deodorize and disinfect your surroundings.


Tired of looking at the waves or ripples in your carpet? Our technicians can stretch your carpet to restore back to its original state along with rips or tears.


Restore Logic can clean and sanitize your tile floors to make them look like new again. We can remove mildew or stains that have settled onto the tile surface. We thoroughly deep clean grout particularly in high-traffic areas so your grout can look as bright as it once did.